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    One of our favorite historic stops! The Forest Supervisor's Office is on the National Register of Historic Sites. Built in 1935 by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) Company 705, it continues to be utilized as the main headquarters for the Chippewa National Forest.

    Using Finnish-style construction, the boys of the CCC and Work Project Administration (WPA) created a log structure that would be difficult to duplicate today.

    Under the the guidance of Ike Boekenoogen, a master craftsman, the crews traced, notched and grooved each log by hand. Each layer of logs was tightly fit and required no chinking or nailing.

    Made from 100-year old red pine logged from Star Island and Lake Thirteen, the 8,700 square feet building equals the size of four average-sized homes.

    More than 16,000 lineal feet of red pine logs, each 10-16 inches in diameter, were used for the outer walls and partitions. Heavy wooden pegs set into drilled holes allows the logs to settle without shifting.

    Visitors should note the handHammered ironwork on the doors and hinges. Gnarled frost-cracked maple stair rails add even more character to the interior of this log building. Visitors can walk up the hand-hewn split log steps to take in the glacial boulder fireplace.

    The 50-foot fireplace stands in the center of the building. It is made of split and matched boulders found in the area. Measuring 14 x 14 feet at the base and tapering to 10 x 10 at the top, he fireplace is made with 265 tons of rock. Nels Bergley of Walker, Minn. was the designed and builder.

    Look for the rock shaped like a Forest Service shield in the fireplace!